Toy Trawler Spaniel

The toy trawler spaniel is an extinct breed of domestic dog that originated from the United Kingdom. Originally bred as a sporting dog, it is thought that the breed was developed by crossing a King Charles spaniel and a Sussex spaniel. One of the last known living toy trawler spaniels, known as Robin, was bred by Lady Wentworth in 1911. This dog lived until 1920, when the breed is thought to have been close to extinction, and is now preserved at the Natural History Museum at Tring.

The toy trawler spaniel was similar in appearance to the King Charles spaniel, with a nose that pointed upwards and long, floppy ears. It reached an average height between eleven and thirteen inches at the withers, or shoulder blades. Its long coat was curly but soft and was typically black and white in color, although red and white markings could be seen in some dogs. Although it was bred for sporting, it eventually became a popular pet companion and show dog, said to be sweet but bold in nature.

Image Caption: Toy Trawler Spaniel. Credit: Sarah Hartwell/Wikipedia