The Toyger is a cross between a striped domestic shorthaired cat and a standard Bengal tabby. Breeding began in the 1980s but only in 2007 was the Toyger allowed into full championship status. The breed was created by Judy Sudgen to inspire people to care about tiger conservation in the wild. The current version of the Toyger remains far from a tiger in appearance; however the striations and coloring are largely developed. By 2010 breeders hope to have achieved rounded ears and a wider nose bridge on the cat, to make it more tiger-like.

The Toyger in its current state has a medium-sized head with small, rounded ears oriented at a 45 degree angle toward the center of the eyes. The fur on the temples and ears is thick. And the back of the ears should have white “˜thumb marks’. The eyes of a Toyger are wide-set, medium-sized, black-lined and almond-shape. The muzzle is well defined, long, and broad, and it looks like an inverted heart when viewed from the front. The nose widens toward the end. The stripes on the hair of the face should be circularly aligned around the face.

The coat is short over their long, muscular torso which is strong but not too boxy. The legs are medium length and the tail is very long. Oftentimes, the Toyger has a slight ruff of fur around the neck. The stripes on the body are generally vertically aligned with encircling markings n the legs, neck and tail. The stripes should be bold but not necessarily uniform. The paw pads and the very tip of the long blunt tail should be black.

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