Trends comprises a series of scientific journals published in a range of areas of biology. These journals are currently part of Elsevier’s Cell Press group of journals. Trends was founded in 1976 with the first journal in the series Trends Biomechanical Sciences (TIBS). That journal was followed up shortly thereafter by Trends in Neurosciences (TINS), Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS) and Immunology Today.

Other journals that were formed in the 1980s and 1990s, including Trends in Food Science and Technology and Trends in Polymer Science, were later discontinued from the series.

Three of the journals, Immunology Today, Parasitology Today and Molecular Medicine Today changed their names to Trends in 2001. Drug Discovery Today was spun off as an independent brand.

Originally published in Cambridge, UK, the Trends Editorial Office moved to London in the mid-1990s, after journal series owner Elsevier acquired Pergamon Press. As of 2010, the Trends journals are published under the Cell Press imprint from an editorial office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Trends today includes 14 monthly-published journals including: Trends in Biochemical Sciences (TIBS), Trends in Biotechnology, Trends in Cell Biology, Trends in Cognitive Sciences (TiCS), Trends in Ecology & Evolution (TREE), Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism (TEM), Trends in Genetics (TIG), Trends in Immunology, Trends in Microbiology (TIM), Trends in Molecular Medicine, Trends in Neurosciences (TINS), Trends in Parasitology, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS), and Trends in Plant Science.


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