Triangulum Australe Constellation

Triangulum Australe Constellation — Triangulum Australe, the Southern Triangle, is completely visible in latitudes south of 20 degrees north from April through June.

Its three brightest stars have been called the “Three Patriarchs”, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It can easily be recognized by its shape, or asterism.

This is one of the 12 southern constellations named by Johann Bayer in the early 1600’s. The three bright stars in this constellation are so recognizable that they can be used to locate others around it such as Apus in the south, Norma in the north, Circinus and Centaurus in the west, Ara and Pavo to the east.

Triangulum Australe contains Messier objects.


Pronunciation: (try-ANG-gu-lum ahs-TRAY-lee)
Abbreviation: TrA Genitive: Trianguli Australis
Right Ascension: 16.08 hours Declination: -65.92 degrees
Area in Square Degrees: 110
Crosses Meridian: 9 PM, July 5


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