Troller Veiculos Especiais S/A (Troller) is an off-road vehicle manufacturer from Brazil that was founded by Rogerio Farias in 1995.

The first prototype vehicle was produced in 1996. In 1997, the company was bought by Mario Araripe and formed a partnership to produce vehicles.

The first vehicle Troller manufactured was a gasoline powered T4 with mass production beginning 1999. In 2005, in Angola, Africa a manufacturing plant opened to also produce the T4.

In January 2007, Ford do Brasil purchased Troller for an undisclosed amount.

The current T4 is a four-wheel drive vehicle powered by a 3.0-L turbo diesel with a five-speed manual transmission. Its design was inspired by Jeep and built with a fiberglass body and steel chassis.

The Troller T4 has been featured in several rally races around the world with success.

Another vehicle produce by Troller is the Pantanal mid-sized pickup. Only 77 were built and all were recalled in February 2008 from potential cracks on the chassis. Ford, who owns Troller, offered to take back all the trucks, unless the owner requested to keep theirs.

Image Caption: Troller (automobile). Credit: Antonio Saraiva/Wikipedia (public domain)