Turkey Wing Ark Clam, Arca zebra

Arca zebra, known also as the turkey wing ark clam, is a bivalve mollusk within the family Arcidae, the ark clams.

This species can be found along the Atlantic coast of North America, ranging from North Carolina to the West Indies and Bermuda. It attaches itself to rocks or other hard substrates in shallow water with byssus threads.

The shell of this species is boldly striped in brown and white which gives it the look of the wing off of a wild turkey. The whole shell has also been said to resemble Noah’s Ark. The shell is sturdy and it grows up to 4 inches long a 2 inches wide. The ambones are divided by a shallow depression. The hinge is straight and long with roughly 50 small teeth. A coarse sculpturing fans out from the ambones. The inside of the shell is whitish or pale mauve.

Image Caption: Arca zebra (Interior) from El Guamache Bay, Margarita island. Locally called Pata e cabra. Credit: Wilfredor/Wikipedia