Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is an ancient, naturally occurring breed of cat which originated in the Ankara region of central Turkey. It was one of the cats inter-bred to improve the coat on the Persian. Its coat is silky and mostly white; it is a medium-long coat with no undercoat. Although they are known for their white coat, they may be bred in at least twenty varieties of color and pattern.

The Ankara Zoo in Turkey has a meticulous breeding program to protect and preserve the pure white Turkish Angoras with blue and amber eyes. The almond-shaped eyes of the Angora are one of the most prominent and distinguishing features. Their eyes may be amber, green or blue, or even one blue and one amber. The presence of a blue eye in the Turkish Angora may be an indication that the cat is deaf on the side of the blue eye. The W gene that is responsible for their blue eye and white coat is closely related to hearing. Despite genetics, many blue and odd-eyed white cats have average hearing. The head and ears of the Turkish Angora are large, and their ears are pointed. Their tail is often kept parallel to the back.

Turkish Angoras are much like their “˜cousins’ the Turkish Vans in the fact that they love water. Some of these cats will bathe their owners. They are very curious and intelligent cats who love the attention of their owners. They do not necessarily enjoy being held and cuddled; just being in the presence of humans is enough to keep them happy.

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