Turtle Lake Monster

The Turtle Lake Monster is claimed to inhabit Turtle Lake in West Central Saskatchewan, Canada. Natives claim the monster may be a massive sturgeon and are nervous about the attention the monster may bring.

An average of one encounter per year is reported. They date back to pre-settlement days when the Cree had a legend that people who entered the creature’s territory would not return.

A couple of explanations to what the monster actually is, include it being a giant lake sturgeon or a descendent of a plesiosaur. Millions of years ago, Saskatchewan was covered with a prehistoric sea that contained plesiosaurs, and one of their descendants could have survived. This is a theory from Ben Blatz.

Descriptions of the Turtle Lake Monster include it being 10 – 30 feet long, with scaly skin, no dorsal fin and its head is like a seahorse, pig, or dog.

One report of an encounter is from a man, his grandson and daughter while boating on the lake. The monster was about 30 – 40 feet away and they stated, “its head came up, its back came up and it sort of rolled over we never saw the tail and its head looked like a seahorse.”

The only reputable evidence to the existence of the creature is an aerial photo of what appears to be something in the water leaving a trail behind it. After being examined, the object or creature leaves no wake like a boat would. The photo was taken in the summer of 2011 or 2012.

Image Caption: Cropped artist’s rendition of a Plesiosaur, possible Turtle Lake Monster similarity. Credit: Heinrich Harder/Wikimedia (public domain)