Types Of Lightning

When we think of thunderstorms we have to remember the deadliest part of those storms and that is the lightning that occurs with them. Lightning is found in many forms. The first type of lightning is known as cloud to cloud meaning that the electric charge travels from one cloud to the other.

The second type of lightning is the Cloud to Air meaning the lighting moves from the cloud and enters the clear air of the sky.

A third type of lightning is the cloud to ground. This is the most dangerous type for anyone that is outside during a thunderstorm. This type is known to kill, spark forest fires and house fires when it strikes these areas.

The fourth type of lightning is the In cloud meaning that it remains in the same cloud as it flashes through the sky.

All of these forms of lightning can cause damage to a flying airplane. This is why it is important for a meteorologist to brief pilots so they know to go around thunderstorms and not through them if at all possible.

Larger cities like New York City and Chicago, which have tall buildings, put lightning rods on the top to attract the lightning so that it keeps the main structure being hit lower.