Typhoon Guchols Impact In Japan

Left Image Credit: Joshua Kelly – Right Image Credit: NASA

Typhoon Guchol, these past few days, had made it to Super Typhoon strength which would be the same as saying that it was a CAT 3 or larger storm.

It quickly raced up towards Okinawa Japan leaving its first imprints with reports of winds near 60-70mph with higher gusts. It then moved up northward into Shikoku Japan where it made landfall with wind reports near Muroto-Misaki around 70mph with higher gusts. Then it made its way into the Kanto Plain around Tokyo and Yokohama Japan with winds 70-80mph range with higher gusts.

Now Guchol is just a left over low pressure system as it moves into Northern Japan before it turns right and heads back out to sea as a Low pressure system. In the image above you can see a map indicating where these places are and what impacts they had.

The yellow star represents where Okinawa Japan is located. The conditions that they saw where winds around 60-70mph as the storm passed to the east of the island. Pressure got down to 980mb.

The orange star marks Muroto-misaki which is on Shikoku Island. This area saw a fairly close encounter with the right front side of the storm, as winds were around 70-75mph and pressure fell to 976mb.

The green star represents the Tokyo Metro area. There were two reports, one from Tokyo which had reported winds around 70-75mph and a pressure of 986mb, while the southern portion of the region where Yokohama Japan is situated the winds were reported to be around 75-80mph with pressure of 987mb.

*Weather Observations courtesy of the JMA Weather Agency in Japan.*