Typical Striped Grass Mouse, Lemniscomys striatus

The typical striped grass mouse (Lemniscomys striatus) is native to Africa. This species of striped grass mouse, along with Lemniscomys barbarous, is one of the most commonly kept as pets. This mouse can reach an average weight of up to 1.3 ounces, and has thick white horizontal stripes running down its fur. Females reach the state of sexual maturity at 168 days, and can have up to five babies in a litter. The lifespan of this mouse is relatively short in the wild, as most do not live past their first breeding season. One mouse in captivity, however, was reported to have lived for 4.8 years. The IUCN has given the typical striped grass mouse a conservation status of “Least Concern”.

Image Caption: Lemniscomys striatus, Zoo Leipzig. Credit: Tino Strauss/Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 2.5)