Upper Air Analysis for July 10

Looking at today’s 300mb level chart or 30,000ft above the surface we see that we are looking at our jet stream analysis. The regions that have blue, dark blue and white circles inside of the blue are indicating to us that these are the jet maxes associated with the polar front jet. So this morning there is a jet max over the North Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Maine and also a jet max over the West Coast near Canada and a third jet max back in the Gulf of Alaska. These jet maxes are very important in forecasting what is happening to our weather. The jet max that is moving in towards Canada is going to be responsible for building the western side of the ridge that is over the United States indicated by the upwards lines extending northward from the Southwest United States into Central and Northern Canada.

The closed 9720 line that we see over the Southwest United States is known as a closed High height center and the lines extending northward over the region is the ridge axis.