Vagrant Shrew

The Vagrant Shrew (Sorex vagrans) is a medium-sized North American shrew. At one time, the Montane Shrew (S. monticolus) was considered to belong to the same species as this animal.

It is red brown in color with greyer under parts and a long tail that is sometimes paler underneath. During winter, its fur is dark brown. Its body is about 3.94 in (10 cm) long including a 1.57 in (4 cm) long tail. It weighs about .211 oz (6 g).

This animal is found in open and wooded areas in western Canada. It is also found in the United States west of the Continental Divide.

It often uses runways created by voles. Its diet includes insects, earthworms, salamanders, small mammals and some plant material. Predators include owls, snakes and must lids. This animal sometimes uses sound to orient itself in unfamiliar locations.

This animal is active year-round, mainly at night. It is mainly solitary except during breeding that mainly occurs in the spring. The female has 1 or 2 litters of 3 to 8 young. They have them in a nest in a stump or under a log.