Verrucose Frog, Fejervarya keralensis

This species has vomerine teeth in two strong and oblique series starting from the inner anterior corners of the choanae. The head is moderately sized with the snout seeming to be pointed. The inter-orbital space is 2/3 the width of the upper eyelid. The tympanum is distinct and is roughly 3/4 the diameter of the eye. The fingers are moderate, obtuse, and the first digit extends beyond the second. The toes are sufficiently well developed and almost entirely webbed. Sub-articular tubercles are prominent and the inner metatarsal tubercle is oval, compressed and less than half as long as the first toe. It has a small rounded outer metatarsal tubercle also. When the hind leg is pulled forwards, the tibio-tarsal articulation reaches the tip of the snout. The upper parts have a number of very prominent warts and short glandular folds. It is grey or brown colored above, darker spotted; the hinder side of the thighs are black, white-marbled; occasionally a broad light vertebral band. The male has two internal vocal sacs.

The snout to vent length is about 2.75 inches.

Image Caption: Fejervarya keralensis, frog from Wynaad, Kerala, India. Oct 2007 (ID courtesy K V Gururaja, CES, IISc, Bangalore). Credit: L. Shyamal/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)