Virology Journal

Virology Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed medical journal published by BioMed Central. It covers research related to viruses and the prevention of viral infection (including vaccination, the use of antiviral agents, and gene therapy).

Virology Journal was established in 2004 and is edited by Robert F. Garry. The goal of the journal is to cover rapid communications amongst virologists.

The journal has not been published without controversy, however. On 21, July 2010, the journal published an article entitled “Influenza or not Influenza: Analysis of a case of high fever that happened 2000 years ago in Biblical time.” According to Mark 1:20-33 and Matthew 8:14-15, the mother-in-law of Simon Peter “lay sick” with a febrile illness. Jesus than took her by the hand and the fever immediately subsided.

The authors of the paper ruled out that the woman was possessed by demons, and conclude that she was struck with influenza as “the fever retreated instantaneously. This implies that the disease was probably not a severe acute bacterial infection or subacute endocarditis that would not resolve instantaneously.”

The article created much controversy among scientists, who criticized the article from anywhere from “truly bizarre” to “garbage.” Scientists also expressed bewilderment over how the article got published in the first place.

The editor-in-chief of Virology Journal originally commented that the paper underwent standard peer review, and was recommended for acceptance after some modification by reviewers. The reviewers later apologized for the publication of the paper and announced that it would be retracted, in which it was on 13 August 2010, three weeks after it was published.

Virology Journal is abstracted and indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central, MEDLINE, Thomson Reuters, CAB International, Chemical Abstracts Service, EMBASE, Scopus, and Current Contents.

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