Wahlberg’s Eagle

The Wahlberg’s Eagle (Aquila wahlbergi) is a bird of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae. Average length is 55-60cm in length and wingspan 130-160 cm.

This eagle breeds throughout most of Africa, south of the Sahara. It prefers woodland areas, often near water. It builds a stick nest in the fork of a tree or the crown of a palm tree. The clutch is one or two eggs.

This medium-sized raptor has mostly dark brown plumage except for dark streaked grey undersides to the flight feathers, and a barred grey undertail. The head has a small crest, and the legs are yellow.

There is a pale variation which is much lighter brown with whitish, rather than grey undertail and flight feather undersides. Both sexes are similar. In flight, this species is very cross-shaped, with long evenly wide wings, a slim body and long narrow square-ended tail. The wings are held very flat.

Favorite prey includes reptiles, small mammals and birds. The call is a whistled kleeah-kleeah-kleeah.

This bird is named after the Swedish naturalist Johan August Wahlberg.