Weasel Sportive Lemur, Lepilemur mustelinus

The weasel sportive lemur (Lepilemur mustelinus) is native to the island of Madagascar. Its other common names include the weasel lemur, the greater weasel lemur, and the greater sportive lemur. It prefers a habitat within rainforests or tropical rainforests. Its fur is red-brown on the back and grey-brown on the underbelly. It can reach an average body length of up to fourteen inches with a tail length of between ten to twelve inches.

Groups of this species are small, consisting of a mother and her young, with any other individuals occurring separately. Home ranges are usually .5 to 1.25 acres. This species is nocturnal and arboreal, spending most of its time in the trees. Its diet consists mainly of leaves, but it will eat other plant materials. There is not enough conclusive information about the weasel sportive lemur, so it appears on the IUCN Red List () with a status of “Data Deficient”.

Image Caption: Lepilemur mustelinus (Weasel Sportive Lemur). Credit: Steendrukkerij v. P.W.M. Trap, in François P.L. Pollen & D.C. van Dam/Wikipedia