Weather Education: Impacts Of The Canadian High Pressure Center

The Canadian High pressure center shifts into the United States throughout the year and has a major impact on the weather from season to season.

In the summer when this high pressure moves in, the temps usually cool off by about 10-15 degrees. For example:  if the temp was 91F in Fargo, it would cool down into the 70s once this high moved in. The high also creates drier weather.

In winter when this system moves in the weather pattern is the same in that the temps will drop and the air will clear nicely. For example in the winter say this pressure center moves in to International Falls MN the temp may go from 30F to 0F or colder depending on how strong the pressure center is.

This pressure center has been known to make its way down to the Gulf Coast of the United States and bring the temps way down, when Florida gets frost its because of this High pressure center.  Also this pressure center mostly moves from the Northwest to the Southeast in its flow pattern. So say on Monday the system is in Fargo, ND, by Friday it could be in Atlanta, GA or into the Atlantic depending on how fast it is moving. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly