Weather Pack For July 30, 2012

Weather Pack is our way to envision what is happening with the weather and create a weather forecast for a certain area of the United States.

Today’s focus is on Southwest Mississippi along the Mississippi River. On the left side we have a Skew-T which is used to help us determine what is happening in the upper levels at our forecast location. On the right side is our morning satellite image; both of these features are important to creating an accurate forecast.

The Skew-T will show us what type of atmosphere we have: either stable or unstable. The reason this is important is that if the atmosphere is stable then we can expect to see Stratus type clouds, where as if its unstable we will see Cumulus type clouds and possibly t-storms.

So to identify if we have a stable or unstable atmosphere we need to evaluate the temps. The solid line on the left is the Dewpoint, while the solid line on the right is our Temp. When these two meet each other we will have condensation which could lead to cloud formations. For our example above we can see that they meet near the 900mb level telling us we have the potential of seeing clouds at 2,500-3,000ft above the ground.

The satellite is then used to help us evaluate the flow of the cloud pattern over the station. Right now the satellite is not showing much for cloud cover meaning that we need something to help create clouds at 3,000ft. So what could it be?That is as simple as the temp warming throughout the day, which is forecasted to happen. This will then create moisture and lift for cloud development. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly