Weather Pack For September 6, 2012

Today on Weather Pack we are going to examine the surface wind around a mature low pressure system, which means that the low pressure has an occluded front associated with it.

Yellow Star: The forecasted surface winds would be out of the Northwest as the flow behind the low is counter-clockwise.

Green Star: Anyone that is forecasting for the green star would be looking at the winds coming from the South-Southeast just right ahead of the warm front of the low pressure system.

Red Star: This location is in the occlusion of the low pressure system and would be seeing the winds coming from the Northeast around the center of the low pressure system.

These occluded systems can be tricky to forecast. If you look at the weather conditions for each location we would see that the Yellow star has Clear Skies, while the Green Star would be having showers and the Red star would be possibly dealing with heavy rain or even possibly t-storms.