White Sea Urchin, Echinus acutus

White Sea Urchin (Echinus acutus), is a species of sea urchin in the Echinidae family. It is found in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel at depths up to 330 feet below sea level. It is found mainly on coarse substrates with mud and gravel.

The White Sea Urchin grows to a diameter of 6 inches. The test (shell) is circular in cross section but rises conically to the apex (tip) of the shell. This species is generally reddish-brown or green with white stripes on the ambulacra (radial or underside). The primary spines on the shell are long and tapering. The secondary spines are shorter. The mouth is surrounded by numerous pedicellariae (pincer-like claws).

This sea urchin is an omnivore and typically feeds on algae and small invertebrates.