White-throated Hawk, Buteo albigula

The White-throated Hawk (Buteo albigula), is a bird of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae, which includes hawks, eagles and Old World vultures. In British usage, it would be called a buzzard rather than a true hawk.

It is a rather small Buteo, 42 to 45 cm in length. It lives in the Andes mountains of South America and ranges down to the coast in the O’Higgins region of Chile, favoring wooded areas. It’s closely related to the more widely distributed Short-tailed Hawk and was previously considered conspecific with it. The White-throated Hawk is different in having a longer tail and no dark morph. It also shows plumage differences such as brown streaks on the belly and breast, and a blackish tail with barely visible darker bands.