White-browed Blackbird

The White-browed Blackbird, Sturnella superciliaris, is a passerine bird in the bird family Icteridae. It breeds in northeastern Brazil and in southern South America from southwestern Brazil through Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Southern populations are partially migratory. This bird breeds in open country, including moist grasslands, pasture and cultivation.

The White-browed Blackbird is one of the smaller birds of its family. The male has mainly black plumage, apart from a bright red throat, belly and wing patches, and a white eyebrow. The female has caramel edged dark brown upper feathers, beige under parts, and pale streaks through the crown and eye. Young birds resemble the female but are paler in color.

The White-browed Blackbird builds a deep grass-lined open cup nest on the ground amongst tall grasses, with several nests often close together. The normal clutch is three to five reddish brown-blotched greenish eggs. The main diet of this bird is insects and some seeds, including rice.