White-footed Dunnart

The White-footed Dunnart (Sminthopsis leucopus), is a marsupial that occurs in Tasmania and Australia. It occurs along the coast and in inner Gippsland and Alpine areas up to 1300 feet near Narbethong. The average rainfall of its habitat is between 23 and 40 inches per year. This species requires forest and woodland cover of more than 50% of any square meter of heath understorey or mid-story plant species. Other habitats include coastal tussock grasslands, sedge land and wet heath. This dunnart has an individual range of about 120 square meters for both sexes, although this varies greatly among males, with some males acquiring territories of up to 1200 square meters. Male territories often overlap those of females.

The White-footed Dunnart breeds from July to August and births late August to September. Males die about one month after the birth of the young, and females may also only reproduce once in their life. About ten joeys are born and remain in the pouch for 8 weeks. The feeding habit of this species is similar to that of other dasyurids; it is an opportunistic feeder. Diet consists of invertebrates and reptiles of up to 0.7 inches in length.