Winds Impacted By The Cycles Of ENSO

When it comes to wind, more and more people are turning to it as alternative option for electricity. One has to wonder what kind of impacts would be created by the different cycles of ENSO. The above graph has been done for Boston MA. The month of choice was to run it for March of all three cycles.

Normal Cycle: (When we are in between EL-Nino and La-Nina) winds averaged around 0-5mph 9% of the month of March. While 6-10mph average winds occurred more often with 35%. And then winds in the 11-20mph range were averaged out be around 49% of the month. Winds stronger than that were near 6% in average however wind gusts could exceed the 6%.

EL-Nino Cycle: Winds were recorded to be 0-5mph on average around 13% of the month, while winds in the range of 6-10mph occurred just a little more with 32% of the month. During El-Nino the big shift happened with the stronger winds of 11-20mph which averaged around 42% the average decreased down to only 12%. Wind gusts could exceed the 12% for stronger gust.

La-Nina Cycle: Winds during a La-Nina cycle shifted again with 0-5mph averages being at 13%, while wind averages of 6-10mph where at 36% and winds that where averaged between 11-20mph came in at 43%. La Nina winds over 20mph were around 8%. Wind gusts could exceed the 8% for stronger gust.