Winter Weather Outlook For November-February For Detroit MI

November 2012: A mild start to the month will be followed up by a vigorous finish as temps rapidly slide. The forecasted average for the month is to be near 40-50F, while there is the possibility of seeing 7-9 days warmer than that along with 6-8 days becoming colder than the average. The month will also include a few chances of rain totaling around a Trace-0.25in. Winter weather for the month will include snowfall amounts around 4-6in total.

December 2012: The month is going to be colder as the forecasted average temps are going to be around 20-30F with the chance of seeing 6-8 days a bit warmer and 1-2 days even colder. Precipitation for the month will be around 2-4in of snowfall.

January 2013: This month is going to have some very cold days as the potential of seeing multiple sub-zero nights is likely. The average temps for  the month will be around 10-20F with the potential of seeing 6-8 days being warmer 2-4 days will be colder than the average. These days will be associated with the sub-zero nights. Total winter precipitation for the month will be around 5-7in of snowfall for the local area.

February 2013: The month will start out fairly cold but by the middle of the month temps should start rebounding. The forecasted average temps for the month will be around 30-40F, with the likely hood of seeing 6-8 days towards the end of the month warmer and 2-4 days that will be colder. Those days will be towards the front of the month. The precipitation for the month will include the potential of seeing 2-3in of snowfall along with rain towards the end of the month upwards to 0.50in.

The outlook for this region is to have a nice early November, followed by a very cold December and January. And also the first part of February may be cold, then towards the end of February look for the warming to begin. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly
Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly