Winter Weather Outlook For November-February For Green Bay WI

November 2012: A pretty mild month is in store for the area as temps will average around the 30-40F range along with seeing 10-12 days being warmer. There is also the chance of seeing about 4-6 days being a touch bit colder. There will be multiple frost and freezes during the month along with a Trace-0.5in of rainfall for the month. The winter weather will include a special edition of snowfall in the range of 1-2in for the month.

December 2012. The cold will begin to set in during the month. Expect to see the average temps fall into the 20-30F range along with about 4-6 days being warmer, while 4-6 days will be colder. The month will be filled with snow with the amounts anywhere between 6-10in for the month.

January 2013: Cold air will encompass the region as the average temps are set to fall around the 10-20F range. There will be multiple nights of temps falling below zero and high temps only in the single digits. There is the chance of seeing 6-8 days being a touch warmer, while about 10-12 days of even colder air in the sub-zero temps. The winter snowfall amounts will range from about 3-5in for the month.

February 2013: A gradually warming will take place towards the end of the month. The average temps for the month will be right around 20-30F, while the potential exists for 8-10 days being warmer and 6-8 days being colder. The winter precipitation will be made up of about 1-3in of snowfall for the month.

This regions outlook holds some nice weather for November, but some very painfully cold weather in January. Now is the time to get ready. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly
Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly