Winter Weather Outlook For November-February For Minneapolis, MN

November 2012: The month is going to be a tad bit warm to start with and then quickly transition into a colder month with the forecasted average to be around 30-40F, with the chance of seeing 4-6 days being warmer and 4-6 days being colder. The rainfall will be around a Trace-0.25in. Winter Weather Impacts will include 1-2in of snowfall for the month.

December 2012. Temps are going to drop off for the month with the averages being around 20-30F with a small window of 2-4 days being slightly warmer, while there will be about 4-6 days even being colder than the forecasted average. Winter Impacts for the month will include a pretty significant amount of snowfall for the month with totals around 6-8in.

January 2013: This month is going to be remembered for the days of the deep freeze as it is very likely that we could be dealing with multiple days of below zero nights. The forecast average for the month is around 10-20F with about 6-8 days being slightly warmer along with 8-10 days being even colder with those sub-zero nights likely. Winter Impacts include snowfall amounts of around 4-6in.

February 2013: Temps will be frigid for the first part of the month followed by a gradual warming as temps will rise into the 20-30F average for the month. There is a 6-8 day chance of seeing warmer days along with 6-8 days being colder than the average. These days are more likely to be seen during the first part of the month. The winter precipitation amounts will include a lighter amount  of 1-3in possible.

The outlook for this region is to start out fairly nice however, by mid-November be ready, it could be a long winter with many very cold days ahead and a good amount of snowfall possible. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly
Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly