Winter Weather Outlook For November-February For Topeka Kansas

November 2012: A fairly warm start to the month will give way to a cooler stretch during the middle of the month. The forecasted average temps will be around 50-60F, while the chance of seeing warmer days stands at about 10-12 days, also there is the chance of seeing about 8-10 days that are colder. The month’s precipitation will include up to 1in of rainfall. The winter impacts for the month will include Frost and Freezing nights along with the chance to see upwards to 1in of snowfall.

December 2012. Temps will take a rapid fall with averages looking to be around the 30-40F range along with that there is the possibility of seeing 4-6days warmer and 3-5days colder. The winter impacts for the area will include the potential of seeing about 3-5in of snowfall.

January 2013:  Another month of cold air moving in will leave the averages for the month around 20-30F with the potential of seeing 8-10 days warmer along with 8-10 days being colder. The colder air will also decrease the amount of snowfall expected for the month to around 1-2in.

February 2013: The month will begin cold, however by mid-month the temps will slowly rebound to what we believe will be the monthly average of 40-50F. There is a chance to see  8-10 days warmer along with 6-8 days that could be colder. The month will include the chance of seeing a trace -1in of rainfall along with snowfall amounts from a trace to near 1in. There might be one strong cold surge during the first part of the month which could drop temps to well below the forecasted average. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly
Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly