Winter Weather Outlook For November-January For Sioux Falls SD

November 2012: The month will start out warm, however rapidly decreasing conditions are forecasted for the remainder of the month with average temps around 30-40F, with the potential of seeing 4-6 days warmer and also 4-6 days colder. There is a high chance of frost and freezing conditions. Winter Precipitation will also be around 1-2in of snowfall.

December 2012. Temps are going to rapidly decrease and it will be an overall cold month with temps averaging in the 20-30F range, along with the potential of seeing 4-6 day a bit warmer, however a large chance of seeing days even colder. Snowfall will be fairly heavy for the month with the potential of seeing 4-6in.

January 2013: The best way to describe this month is going to be frigid with temps averaging in the 10-20F range along with 4-6 days warmer, and 8-10days even colder. Snowfall for the month will be around 2-4in.

February 2013: The month is going to start with some cold arctic air in place and then slowly moderate as the month goes along. Look for the forecasted average temps to be near 20-30F, with the chance of seeing 6-8 days slightly warmer and 4-6 days being colder. The month will likely see upwards to 3-6 in of snowfall along with a few days the area may be dealing with high temps in the teens to single digits for highs.

The overall summary for the Sioux Falls region is to see temps start mild in November followed by a cold December and January and a slow warming trend in February. The snowfall for this year may be just below average or at average for the entire season. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly
Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly