Winter Weather Outlook For November-January For Atlanta Georgia

November 2012: Conditions will finally start to cool off after a long warm summer. Temps will average around the 50-60F range, while there is still a high chance of seeing many days exceed that average and also looking at 2-4 days below the average forecasted. Rainfall during the month will be around 1-2in. Winter conditions for the month will include high chances of frost and freezing nights.

December 2012: Temps will again cool down with the forecasted average to be around 40-50F with a few days above and below that range possible. Precipitation during the month will increase to around 2-3in, while for winter weather there is a high chance for frost and freezing conditions, also there is a slight chance for some wintry mix.

January 2013: Temps will be around the 30-40F range with a few days above and below the average again. Precipitation will drastically increase during the month as it will be possible to see 2-3in of rainfall along with multiple accumulation snowfall days. There is also a high chance for frost and freezing conditions throughout the month. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly