Winter Weather Outlook For November-January For Mobile Alabama

November 2012: A mild month in store for the area as temps will average between 60-70F, while there is even the potential to see 8-10 days warmer than that, also a chance to see 2-4 days cooler. Precipitation is going to be light during the month with averages around 1-2in. Winter Weather that can be expected will be a high chance of frosty nights and a low chance to actually see a freeze.

December 2012: Temps will be fairly nice with an average of 50-60F, while there will be about 10-12 days that could even be warmer than that, also looking for 1-2 days possibly colder. A little bit heavier precipitation for the month with amounts around 2-3inches. Winter Weather looks to be High chance of frost and a low chance for a freeze.

January 2013: Temps will cool down for the month as the forecasted average looks to be around 40-50F with a high chance of seeing warmer days and also a few cooler days. This month will also provide a good amount of moisture to the area with rainfall amounts of 2-3in possible. Wintery weather will include a high chance of frost and freezing conditions and also a slight chance to see some mixed precip. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Information from the “Climo Dome Model”- created by Joshua Kelly