Winter Weather Outlook For November-January For Oklahoma City Oklahoma

November 2012: The month is going to start out warm and dry, followed by a trend towards the 50-60 average, while there may be 5-10 days that are warmer than this, there also will be 4-6 days below the average of 50-60. Precipitation is going to be low with a forecast of 1-2in, while Frost and Freezing conditions will be likely a few times during the month.

December 2012: It is going to be a touch cooler than November with the average temps forecasted to be around the 40-50 range. There will be about 5-7 days above this forecasted average, while there will also be 3-5 days colder than the average. Precipitation will be around 1-3in during the month, and there will be a high likely hood of seeing frost and freezing conditions along with 1-2in of snowfall for the month.

January 2013: The month is going to be pretty similar to December in that the average temps will be around 40-50 range, with about 6-8 days above that and also a 4-6 day window of temps dropping below the average. Precipitation in the area will include about 1-2in of rainfall and also 1-2in of snowfall. There is a pretty good chance of seeing frost and freeze conditions.