The Xbox is a video game console developed by Microsoft and introduced on November 15, 2001 in North America. On February 22, 2002 it was released in Japan, and on March 14, 2002 in Australia and Europe. By May 10, 2006 over 24 million systems had been sold. The system was discontinued in Japan in 2007, and everywhere else in 2008.

The Xbox was the first game console that was produced by an American company since the Atari Jaguar ceased sales in 1996. The Xbox 360 is its successor.

A service for the Xbox launched in November 2002, called Xbox live. It allowed users to play games online with a broadband connection. The service required a subscription and used a broadband-only connection. It featured a buddy list and one of the most popular online games — Halo 2 — that was released in November 2004. As of January 10, 2012, there were over 40 million worldwide users of Xbox live.

The system used a 733 Mhz Intel Celeron/Pentium III CPU, a 233 Mhz GPU, and 64 MB dual-channel RAM. Software included was an Xbox Music Mixer DVD playback Kit, Xbox Linux, and featured Audio CD playback.

There are a total of 967 game titles available for the Xbox system — some of which are exclusive to certain regions.

The first Xbox controller was released in 2001. It had two analog sticks, a directional pad, two triggers, a back button, a start button and six action buttons.

Some accessories for the original Xbox include: controllers, controller extensions, headsets, light guns, and various cables.

Image Caption: The original Xbox with S controller, developed by Microsoft. Credit: Evan-Amos/Wikipedia