Yakutian Horse

The Yakutian is a rare breed of horse that is native to the Yakutia region of Siberia. It is sometimes referred to as the Yakut horse, Yakut pony or just Yakut.

There are several types of Yakutian horse. The purist of the breed is the Northern type, which is bred in Yakut. It is usually bay, gray or a light dun  with zebra markings on its legs. This one is considered the most valuable of the Yakutian varieties.

A second type of Yakutian is a little bit smaller, the southern type. It is also pure but not as valuable as the northern type.

A third type is a lrager, southern variety which was a result of crossing with the other breeds and is the most wide spread of the Yakutian horse.

It is a small breed of horse, similar to the Shetland pony. It stands about 57.2 inches high and has a sturdy frame with a thick mane and heavy coat. It is well adapted to the harsh environment and cold weather of Yaktia. It can locate and graze on the vegetation buried deep under the winter snow cover.

Image Caption: Yakutian Horse. Credit: UnarovMV/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)