Yellow Sassafras, Doryphora sassafras

Doryphora sassafras is a species of evergreen tree in the Atherospermataceae family. It is commonly referred to as Sassafras, Yellow sassafras, Golden sassafras, Canary sassafras or Golden deal.

D. sassafras is a straight trunked tree with a smaller crown. It has been known to grow to a height of 82 to 105 feet. Its trunk can reach a diameter of 4 feet. It contains glossy green leaves that appear opposite on the stem. The leaves measure 3 to 4 inches long and .8 to 1.6 inches wide. The margins of the leaf are shallow to deeply toothed, and have a pleasant “sassafras” aroma when crushed. Small white flowers bloom in groups of 3 on short stalks in the summertime from May to July. They are followed by dark, hairy fruit that ripen between February and August.

D. sassafras is indigenous to eastern Australia. It can be found in temperate and subtropical rainforests of eastern New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

Image Caption: Leaves and flowers of a Yellow sassafras (Doryphora sassafras). Credit: Poyt448 Peter Woodard/Wikipedia (public domain)