Yellow-winged Darter, Sympetrum flaveolum

The yellow-winged darter (Sympetrum flaveolum) is a species of dragonfly that can be found in northern and central areas of China and in Europe. It can occasionally be found in the United Kingdom, where it migrates in small numbers. This species is typically found near stagnant pools with abundant vegetation along the shorelines.

The yellow-winged darter varies in color depending upon the sex, with males holding a red body. Both males and females have saffron colored markings as the base of each wing, which can help distinguish this species form other dragonflies that share its range. Nymphs can be found at high altitudes in lakes with abundant aquatic vegetation, but these habitats are sensitive to changing weather patterns. Because it feeds on so many different species in these high altitude areas, it is thought to be an important species in the overall environment.

Image Caption: Male specimen of the dragonfly Sympetrum flaveolum. Credit: Christian Fischer/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)