Yellow Sac Spider

The yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium punctorium) is a spider that is found from Central Asia to central Europe. The yellow sac spider can reach about 0.6 inches in length. This spider can penetrate the human skin. The bite of this spider may feel similar to a wasp sting though it may be a bit more severe, however susceptible persons may have stronger reactions such as nausea.

Female yellow sac spiders build about a 4 centimeter egg-sac in tall grass. It is aggressively defended and opens below.

The yellow sac spiders are rare species and are considered the only “seriously” toxic spiders in Germany. The hottest part of the country, the Kaiserstuhl region, is where these spiders are known to occur in remarkable numbers.

Because of the changing weather patterns in some areas aridity has increased and precipitation has decreased. The yellow sac spider disperses to the northern regions of Europe such as Brandenburg, Germany, where recently the climate has been similar to Central Asia where the yellow sac spiders are countless.

In 1997 the genus Cheiracanthium was transferred from the Clubionidae to the Miturgidae.

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