Yellow-headed Jawfish

The Yellow-headed Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons) is a species of fish found in coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea. The head and upper body of this species is light, but brilliant, and yellow in color slowly fading to a pearlescent blue hue.

The Yellow-headed Jawfish keeps near its small territory, and is typically seen with only the head and upper section of its body sticking out from its burrow. It will also sometimes hover nearby. It is able to arrange material using its mouth to carry sand, shells, or small rocks from one location to another, or removing them from its burrow, and placing them in more preferred locations. The male also uses its mouth to carry eggs until they hatch. This is known as mouth brooding.

This fish shows interesting behavior when placed in a shoal setting, as long as its habitat is large enough. Aquarium fish feed mostly on small
planktonic matter, commonly taking brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and prepared frozen and pelleted foods.

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