Yellow-line Arrow Crab

The Yellow-line Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus seticornis), is a saltwater invertebrate that resembles a harvestman (daddy long-legs). It may be found in the wild on the tropical and subtropical Atlantic coasts of the Americas.

This crab may grow to a length of about 6 inches. The crab’s eight spiderlike walking legs may be three times as long as its body. The body is composed of many colors. It is golden-brown with white, brown or gold stripes running lengthwise. The ends of the legs are dark purple.

Although notorious for becoming territorial in reef aquariums, Yellow-line Arrow Crabs can nonetheless be helpful when kept in an aquarium, by eating bristle worms and other aquarium pests. They move surprisingly quickly for their ungainly appearance, and use their muscular legs to defend themselves against predators.

Yellow-line Arrow Crabs are nocturnal animals, which do all of their scavenging during the nighttime, and are rarely seen out during the daylight hours. These crabs do not fear divers who try to take photos of them, but can be quite territorial towards other animals.