York Chocolate

The York chocolate cat, also known as the York, is a breed of domestic cat that originated in America in 1983 and is used as a show cat. It was developed by Janet Chiefari, who bred kittens that were descendants of Siamese cats. The York can be medium or large with a slightly long nose, a round head, and large round eyes that are gold or green in color. Its feet are sometimes tufted and it has a fluffy tail. Its body is covered in semi-long, soft fur that can vary in color. Preferred colors vary depending upon the registry, but include chocolate, lilac, and mixes between the two main colors and white.

The York chocolate cat is not recognized by any major organizations, such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), even in America where it was originally developed. However, it has been recognized by several smaller organizations including the World Cat Federation, which is based in Germany, and the New England chapter of the Cat Fanciers’ Federation as an experimental breed. The temperament of this breed is typically friendly and energetic, and most members of the breed love to play and cuddle. The York is known for its love of water and good nature and makes a good pet.

Image Caption: An adult york chocolate male cat. Credit: Nickstein00/Wikipedia