Zelinsky, Nikolay Dimitrievich

Nikolay Dimitrievich Zelinsky (1861-1953), was a Russian chemist and academician of the Academy of Sciences of USSR (1929).

Zelinsky was educated at the University of Tiraspol, the University of Odessa and also at the German universities of Leipzig and Göttingen with Victor Meyer. Later in 1988 and 1891, he received his masters and PhD from the University of Novorossisk. Zelinsky was appointed professor in 1893 at the University of Moscow. He served in this leadership position until retirement. His primary interest in research was the chemistry of cyclic hydrocarbons.

He founded, along with other chemists, the theory on organic catalysis. In 1915, he invented the first efficient filtering coal gas mask.

The “Zelinsky crater” on the moon is named in his honor.

A silver coin was minted, in 2001, at the Central Bank of Transnistria, to honor the inventor that was native to the city.

He died July 31, 1953 in Moscow.

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