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Four Tropical Cyclones Investigated By <b>NASA's</b> 2014 HS3 <b>Hurricane</b> <b>...</b>
Dec 2, 2014 ... NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storms Sentinel, or HS3, mission investigated four tropical cyclones in the 2014 Atlantic Ocean hurricane ...
<b>NASA</b> Widens 2014 <b>Hurricane</b> Research <b>Mission</b>
May 30, 2014 ... During this year's Atlantic hurricane season, NASA is redoubling its efforts to probe the inner workings of hurricanes and tropical storms with ...
<b>NASA's Hurricane Mission</b> A Reality Due To Cutting-Edge Technology
Sep 26, 2012 ... Cutting-edge NASA technology has made this year's NASA Hurricane mission a reality. NASA and other scientists are currently flying a suite of ...
<b>NASA Hurricane Mission</b> Studying Remnants Of Tropical Storm Erin
Aug 24, 2013 ... One of NASA's two Global Hawk unmanned aircraft recently investigated the Saharan Air Layer in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean as part of the ...
Sep 27, 2013 ... 25, 2013 at the close of the NASA HS3 Hurricane Mission. NASA 871 was returning to home base at NASA Dryden, Edwards AFB, Calif.
Scott Braun Interview About Upcoming <b>Hurricane</b> Campaign For <b>NASA</b>
Aug 2, 2012 ... Scott Braun is the Hurricane Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) mission principal investigator and a research meteorologist at NASA's Goddard ...
Unmanned Aircraft To Study <b>Hurricanes</b> - Science News - redOrbit
Jun 4, 2012 ... Several NASA centers are joining federal and university partners in the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) airborne mission targeted ...
2013 <b>Hurricanes</b> Double-Teamed By <b>NASA</b> Research Aircraft
May 30, 2013 ... Now in its second year, the NASA Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3, airborne mission brings together several NASA centers, ...
<b>NASA</b> Sees Heavy Rainfall In Iselle As The <b>Hurricane</b> Nears Hawaii
Aug 8, 2014 ... A NASA satellite has observed heavy rainfall in Hurricane Iselle on its ... hurricane when NASA-JAXA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission ...
<b>Hurricane</b> Global Hawks Take Flight - Space News - redOrbit
Aug 17, 2012 ... NASA's Hurricane Severe Storm Sentinel Mission, or HS3, will be studying hurricanes at the end of the summer, and there will be two ...
<b>NASA</b> HS3 Instrument Views 2 Dimensions Of Clouds - Science <b>...</b>
Sep 17, 2014 ... NASA's Cloud Physics Lidar (CPL) instrument, flying aboard an unmanned Global ... NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel mission
<b>NASA</b> Drones Spy On <b>Hurricanes</b> - Space News - redOrbit
Sep 16, 2013 ... As this year's hurricane season approaches its peak, NASA has started ... Mission dedicated to investigating hurricanes and tropical storms.
Partnership For Science Extended By <b>NASA</b>, Northrop Grumman
May 30, 2013 ... The Earth Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate is ... and radiation science missions in addition to hurricane research.
Global Hawks Prepare For 2012 <b>Hurricane</b> Study - Space News <b>...</b>
Sep 16, 2011 ... NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3, investigation is a ... by three scientific instruments that will be used during the mission.
Tropical Storm Gabrielle Forecasting With The Help Of <b>NASA</b> Global <b>...</b>
Sep 7, 2013 ... One of NASA's Global Hawk unmanned aircraft recently dispersed ... 2014 HS3 Hurricane Mission · NASA Begins Hurricane Mission with ...
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