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Roundworm Discovered In Remains Of <b>King Richard</b> III
Sep 4, 2013 ... Richard III, the famed “king under the car park,” was discovered buried in an untidy grave by researchers a year ago and was exhumed from his ...
<b>King Richard</b> III Was Not A Psychopath, As Portrayed By Shakespeare
Mar 4, 2013 ... Richard III, who ruled England from 1483 until his death in 1485, when he died in the Battle of Bosworth Field, has been featured in popular ...
Possible <b>King Richard</b> III Discovery - Science News - redOrbit
Sep 12, 2012 ... Archaeologists are saying they have uncovered some human remains during their search for King Richard III. It is yet to be confirmed that the ...
Testing Confirms That Skeleton Is That Of <b>King Richard</b> III
Feb 4, 2013 ... Image Caption: The skull of the skeleton found at the Grey Friars excavation in Leicester, potentially that of King Richard III. Image credit: ...
<b>King Richard</b> III Hastily Buried In Grave Without Shroud Or Coffin
May 24, 2013 ... A new review on the University of Leicester's discovery of Richard III's remains underneath a car park in Leicester has found that the slain King ...
<b>King</b> Of Hearts: <b>Richard</b> The Lionheart's Organ Analyzed In Detail
Mar 1, 2013 ... When King Richard I of England died in 1199 his heart was embalmed separately of his body, wrapped in linen and buried in a small lead box.
New 3D Model Of <b>King Richard</b> III's Spine Shows Prominent Scoliosis
May 30, 2014 ... Richard III was popularized in Shakespearean literature as a hunchback, and now everyone can explore the true shape of one of history's most ...
<b>Richard</b> III Genome To Be Sequenced - Science News - redOrbit
Feb 12, 2014 ... Richard III, a short-lived fifteenth-century king who was discovered buried in an untidy grave underneath a car park in Leicester, England in ...
Wealth Of History Uncovered At <b>Richard</b> III, Grey Friars Excavation Site
Aug 2, 2013 ... The site where King Richard III's remains were first uncovered in September 2012 has been heralded as the.
British Judge Opens Judicial Review On <b>Richard</b> III Reburial Location
Aug 17, 2013 ... A British high court has allowed a judicial review of a decision to rebury the remains of King Richard III at either of two distinct locations: ...
The Fight For <b>Richard</b> III's Final Resting Place Begins In English Court
Mar 13, 2014 ... Last summer architects began drawing up plans for a raised tomb that would house the remains of King Richard III, whose remains were ...
Closing In On <b>King Richard</b> III Tomb - Science News - redOrbit
Sep 8, 2012 ... Just hours after announcing that they would consider extending their hunt for the lost grave of King Richard III if they felt they were closing in on ...
<b>King Richard</b> III To Be Honored With Burial In Raised Tomb
Jul 29, 2013 ... The remains of King Richard III, which were unearthed in a car park in Leicester, UK last September, and found to be hastily buried in an ...
<b>Richard</b> III Burial Site Nearly Destroyed - Science News - redOrbit
Aug 23, 2013 ... According to that petition, King Richard III's remains should go to York, where he had purportedly asked to be buried when he was alive.
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