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Nobel Prize For Medicine Awarded To Two Researchers - Science <b>...</b>
Oct 8, 2012 ... Britain´s Sir John Gurdon and Japan´s Shinya Yamanaka were both awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine thanks to their tireless ...
New Hope For Stem Cells For Application In Regenerative Medicine
Dec 17, 2013 ... The technique comes as an alternative to Dr. Shinya Yamanaka's reprograming methods, which won him the Nobel prize in 2012.
Researchers Take More Nuanced Approach To Making Stem Cells
Jul 19, 2013 ... Nobel Prize laureate Shinya Yamanaka developed the initial formula for developing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), or stem cells ...
Skin Cells Turned Into Heart Muscle Cells - Health News - redOrbit
Jan 28, 2013 ... ... in Sunday´s edition of the journal Nature, took the stem cell-based technology developed by 2012 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, ...
Japanese Scientists Dip Blood Cells In Acid To Create Stem Cells
Jan 29, 2014 ... “The findings are important to understand nuclear reprogramming,” Shinya Yamanaka, who pioneered iPS cell research, said in a statement.
Stem Cells Without Genetic Mutation Risks - Health News - redOrbit
May 28, 2009 ... The research builds upon the pioneering work in 2007 of Kyoto University's Shinya Yamanaka, who successfully introduced four genes in to ...
Researchers Recreate Genetic Disorder In The Lab - Health News <b>...</b>
Dec 21, 2008 ... ... reported in late 2007 by UW-Madison stem cell biologists James Thomson and Junying Yu and a Japanese group led by Shinya Yamanaka, ...
Hope For Heart Attack Patients - Science News - redOrbit
Nov 26, 2012 ... For this purpose, they used a method for which the Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka was recently awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for ...
Technology Developed To Regenerate Functional Neurons - Health <b>...</b>
Dec 19, 2013 ... This research was inspired by the Nobel prize-winning technology of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) developed in Shinya Yamanaka's ...
$3M Life Sciences Prize Unveiled By Zuckerberg, Others - Health <b>...</b>
Feb 21, 2013 ... ... Napoleone Ferrara, Titia de Lange, Eric S. Lander, Charles L. Sawyers, Bert Vogelstein, Robert A. Weinberg, and Shinya Yamanaka. Dr. Eric ...
Stem Cells Used To Engineer Cartilage - Health News - redOrbit
Oct 30, 2012 ... ... of creating induced pluripotent stem cells — an achievement honored with this year's Nobel Prize in medicine for Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto ...
Scientists Reprogram Skin Cells To Brain Cells - Health News <b>...</b>
Jun 8, 2012 ... Huang´s study was based off work done by Gladstone Investigator Dr. Shinya Yamanaka. Yanaka had four genetic factors become adult ...
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