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Sony Releases <b>PlayStation Move</b> Racing Wheel - Technology News <b>...</b>
Jun 5, 2012 ... This year's E3 conference is only 1 day old, and already we've seen a host of new titles from EA, Microsoft and Sony. While Microsoft had a few ...
<b>Sony</b> Introduces Virtual Reality System For PS4
Mar 19, 2014 ... The Morpheus system could also be compatible with the PlayStation Move (PS Move) Motion Controller to add a further element of immersion ...
<b>Sony</b> Works With JK Rowling To Bring Harry Potter To Life Once More
Jun 5, 2012 ... The PlayStation Move controller becomes a wand for this new, interactive Harry Potter experience. By waving the controller over the book, ...
<b>Sony</b> Files US Patent For Smart Wig - Technology News - redOrbit
Nov 27, 2013 ... Wearable Device Market Eyed By Sony, Patent Filed For Smart Wig ... Sony's move continues the trend of developing wearable devices, a trend ...
<b>Sony</b> Gaming Systems Posts Strong Holiday Sales - Sci-Fi <b>...</b>
Jan 10, 2012 ... Strong holiday sales are being reported by Sony for its range of ... overall was the sale of 1.6 million of the motion control add-on Sony Move.
<b>PlayStation</b> 4 Announced, But Not Seen
Feb 21, 2013 ... At the latest Sony event, the Japan-based company showed off the ... pad and light bar like those found on the PlayStation Move controllers.
<b>Sony</b> Launches Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet In Japan - Technology <b>...</b>
Apr 16, 2013 ... Traffic on the highways in Japan often moves along at a snail's pace ... Sony Blows Doors Off Google Fiber, Launches Ultra-Fast Internet In ...
<b>Sony PlayStation</b> 4 Adds Motion And Touch - Technology News <b>...</b>
Feb 15, 2013 ... Sony's Next-Generation PlayStation 4 To Add Touch, Motion ... light which resembles that found on Sony´s Move motion-sensing controllers.
<b>PlayStation</b> 3 - Gaming Reference Library - redOrbit
The PS3 is a game console manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and uses Blu-ray ... The 320 GB version was part of a bundle with PlayStation Move, ...
<b>Sony</b> Rumored To Be Unveiling <b>PlayStation</b> 4 Console This Evening
Feb 20, 2013 ... Even here Sony has been less than forthcoming, only saying they plan to ... this could be a motion sensor similar to Sony´s Move controllers.
<b>Sony</b> Xperia Z Hands On Review - Technology News - redOrbit
Jan 10, 2013 ... Sony announced a brand new addition to their Xperia line of ... make the phone truly water and dust proof, Sony has moved the charging port to ...
Michael Jackson Video Game For Xbox And PS3 - Sci-Fi & Gaming <b>...</b>
Apr 11, 2011 ... On Tuesday, Ubisoft releases versions of the game compatible with Microsoft's Kinect hands-free control system and Sony's PlayStation Move ...
Green Light For Nissan® <b>Playstation</b>® GT Academy 2014 Season <b>...</b>
Apr 16, 2014 ... Nissan's partnership with PlayStation has been a very good one, and I look ... From National Finals, the action moves to Silverstone for the ...
Feb 24, 2014 ... Consumers benefit as hallmark Sony smartphone innovation links with ... to indoor cycling), and can seamlessly move data between devices ...
All about PlayNow - redOrbit
Artificial Life Launches Mobile Games with Sony Ericsson's PlayNow(TM) in Mainland China ... Sony Moves to Synchronize Its Music and Electronics Business.
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