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More Floods Caused In Snowy Regions From Deforestation
2012-10-03 14:19:29

New research suggests that cutting down swaths of forest in snowy regions at least doubles - and potentially quadruples — the number of large floods that occur along the rivers and streams passing through those forests. For decades, the common perception in hydrology has been that deforestation in such areas made seasonal floods bigger on average, but had little effect on the number of large floods over time, said geoscientist Kim Green of the University of British Columbia. But a...

2010-08-31 07:25:00

WINDSOR, Colo., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- As our society and aging infrastructure become increasingly more vulnerable and impacted by extreme rainfall, the requirement for timely, accurate and informative rainfall information presented in a meaningful context is paramount to saving lives, protecting property and efficiently managing water. An innovative new way of looking at rainfall data is providing a wide variety of users a powerful perspective of how unusual, or common, recent rainstorms...

2008-09-21 09:00:17

By Jodi Rogstad By Jodi Rogstad jrogstad@wyomingnews.com CHEYENNE - To Cheyenne's earliest settlers, the tan prairie and ribbon-thin creeks betrayed no hint whatsoever that these lands could flood. Today, despite proof to the contrary, that belief seems to prevail. Twice, in 2000 and 2004, Cheyenne voters rejected a storm sewer utility. Also, only 30 percent of Cheyenne residents have flood insurance - and these are the people who live in areas prone to flooding. Meanwhile,...

2008-07-02 00:10:00

The latest string of floods to hit the U.S. Midwest is providing troublesome clues to conservation experts who claim that many forecasts fail to consider the affects global warming on weather patterns. "Although no single weather event can be attributed to global warming, it's critical to understand that a warming climate is supplying the very conditions that fuel these kinds of weather events," said Amanda Staudt, a climate scientist with the National Wildlife Federation. Floods of such...

2005-09-30 17:06:44

For many areas of the West, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) overestimate the amount of land area within the 100-year floodplain. New research suggests a way to improve the maps. The new three-pronged approach combines a new numerical computer model with two additional methods, satellite-image analysis and field observations. Each method serves as a check on the other two. The research team focused on the floodplains for a 10-year flood, a 100-year...

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