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2008-10-15 08:50:00

Three years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, people still speculate over causes of the destruction of the city’s floodwall system. A new article in the fall issue of American Entomologist (Vol. 54, No. 3) suggests that Formosan subterranean termites played a large role.

2008-09-02 09:00:18

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Waves crashed high against flood walls Monday and New Orleans' rebuilt levee system survived its first hurricane in three years, but Gustav exposed weaknesses the Army Corps of Engineers won't plug any time soon. Gustav was no Katrina.

2006-07-27 10:02:07

By Peter Henderson NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Flood defenses meant to protect New Orleans from hurricanes could lock rain in the city and put some areas 5 feet under water during a tropical storm, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on Wednesday.

2006-05-29 15:08:08

By Jeffrey Jones NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Yvonne Wise recalled many customers of her clothes alteration business as she marched past smashed homes and rusting, overturned cars of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward to the joyous sounds of a brass band.

2006-05-01 07:40:00

As a New Orleans firefighter, Randy Cookmeyer stayed on the job as Hurricane Katrina slammed the city on August 29. It was four days before he could go home, and by then he had to moor a boat to the rain gutter of his garage to retrieve clothes for his two sons.

2006-03-23 17:47:15

By Jeffrey Jones NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Mayor Ray Nagin said on Thursday he is confident that $770 million of levee repairs will protect most of New Orleans this hurricane season, but officials warned another Katrina-strength storm could swamp low-lying areas again. The U.S.

2006-01-20 00:50:00

Tackling a subject many people in New Orleans might consider a bad joke, experts laid out plans on Thursday to boost the effectiveness of government, much of which collapsed in the chaos of Hurricane Katrina.

2005-12-13 15:00:00

An initial test of one of New Orleans' broken levees on Tuesday suggested it had been built deep enough to meet design specifications, raising new questions of what caused the system of flood protection to fail during Hurricane Katrina, engineering officials said.

2005-11-22 14:45:00

A billion-dollar emergency repair project is well under way along the web of levees protecting New Orleans from floods, but future engineering plans are as murky as ever.

2005-09-24 10:11:59

By Andy Sullivan NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Surging waters from Hurricane Rita poured into the streets of New Orleans on Saturday and bands of rain posed an additional threat to the devastated, but largely empty, city.

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