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2008-10-11 21:00:19

Liz Gonzales, an independent Emmy-winning TV newswoman, has died of cancer in San Francisco. She was 51. Gonzales, who died Wednesday, founded Gonwest Video Productions with her husband, news photographer Bob Goldsborough, producing news pieces for major networks, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday. Prior to that she worked for TV stations in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston and Albuquerque. While in Boston, she was with the family of NASA astronaut Christa...

2006-08-20 13:28:09

By Tansa Musa YAOUNDE (Reuters) - It struck after dark, a silent killer that snuffed out 1,800 lives. The lethal gas cloud that erupted from a volcanic lake in Cameroon on the evening of August 21, 1986 was invisible but not unforeseeable, and many fear the "killer lake" may strike again. Moreover, many survivors say they have had too little help to start life afresh elsewhere and some are returning to their ancestral lands by Lake Nyos, ignoring government safety warnings and...

2005-12-22 14:42:04

By Denis Eduardo Serio SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona was detained at Rio de Janeiro airport on Thursday after he tried to force his way onto a flight that he was late for, police and a Brazilian airline said. Police held Maradona, 45, for several hours in the morning before releasing him. He boarded a flight to Buenos Aires on Thursday afternoon. Maradona, plagued by health problems since he retired in 1997, had played a benefit game organized...

2005-08-23 11:09:11

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - A Cameroon government scientist dismissed on Tuesday a warning that the natural dam holding back Lake Nyos in the northwest of the country was about to burst, threatening thousands of lives. Surveyors agree that erosion is undermining the barrier at the lip of Lake Nyos, where a cloud of carbon dioxide that had accumulated in the water escaped in August 1986, killing 1,800 people in surrounding villages. Controversy mostly surrounds the timeframe for an eventual...

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