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2010-01-28 15:25:00

Peculiar Winter Weather Includes More Heavy Snowfalls, Disruptions to Local Economies - Map of Recent Oddball Weather Events Reflects Trends of What's Expected in Years Ahead WASHINGTON, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Global warming is having a seemingly peculiar effect on winter weather in the northern United States, detailed in a new report from the National Wildlife Federation. "Oddball winter weather is yet another sign of how uncontrolled carbon pollution amounts to an unchecked...

2010-01-27 10:00:00

Public concern about global warming has dropped sharply since the fall of 2008, according to a national survey released today by researchers at Yale and George Mason universities. The survey found: Only 50 percent of Americans now say they are "somewhat" or "very worried" about global warming, a 13-point decrease. The percentage of Americans who think global warming is happening has declined 14 points, to 57 percent. The percentage of Americans who think global warming is caused mostly by...

2009-12-23 12:45:13

Global warming is causing climate belts to shift toward the poles and to higher elevations. To keep pace with these changes, the average ecosystem will need to shift about a quarter mile each year, says a new study led by scientists at the Carnegie Institution. For some habitats, such as low-lying areas, climate belts are moving even faster, putting many species in jeopardy, especially where human development has blocked migration paths. "Expressed as velocities, climate-change projections...

2009-12-20 09:25:27

Most Australians believe climate change is happening now and is caused by human activity, according to preliminary results from a new national survey. Preliminary results from the survey by the UNSW City Futures Research Centre for the Australian Climate Change Adaptation Research Network for Settlements and Infrastructure (ACCARNSI) have indicated that a large majority "“ 78 per cent "“ of Australians believe climate change is happening now while a further 14 per cent expect it...

2009-12-16 10:20:00

A new survey shows that 49% of Americans are not worried about climate change, while 35% are very concerned about the polarizing issue. Zogby's newest poll indicates that the amount of people not worried increased 10% from 2007, while 48% said they were highly concerned. The survey coincides with the United Nations climate change conference, as global warming warning continue to grow. Former US Vice President Al Gore assisted in raising understanding of climate change thanks to his...

2009-12-16 00:00:00

COPENHAGEN, December 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) launch A Copenhagen Prognosis: towards a safe climate future, a synthesis of the latest science on climate change, environment and development. The Prognosis will be launched at a press conference at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 15) on Wednesday 16 December at 19:30. Copies will be available...

2009-12-15 13:25:00

A controversial new report claims that climate change is natural and not man-made and lists 100 reasons why to back the theory, The Telegraph UK reported. Some of the reasons listed in the paper claim there is "no scientific proof" that the rising levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (C02) are caused by human activity. The European Foundation, which issued the report, also claims increased levels of C02 are not a problem because it helps to boost crop yields. The report argues that...

2009-12-15 08:34:13

When it comes to nature, timing is everything. Spring flowers depend on birds and insects for pollination. But if spring-like weather arrives earlier than usual, and flowers bloom and wither before the pollinators appear, the consequences could be devastating for both the plants and the animals that feed on them. Global warming has made the early arrival of spring commonplace across the planet, say climate scientists. Plants are blooming earlier, birds are nesting sooner and mammals are...

2009-12-13 10:20:00

The controversy over leaked emails from climate scientists is being blamed on US business interests and partisan politics, according to a recent AFP report. This issue, dubbed "Climategate," has taken the brunt of the public's attention and seems to be derailing efforts to come up with any deal on cutting emissions. Author James Hoggan told AFP that the controversy "gives voice to dissenters at the table in Copenhagen, like Saudi Arabia and Russia." Hoggan is the author of "Climate Cover-up"...

2009-12-10 10:48:31

Regardless of China's vows to embrace more energy efficient practices, their carbon emissions will double by 2020 is their current practices continue. This number surpasses goals viewed as highly important to the fight against global warming, experts warn. Even if China holds true to their pledge to cut carbon emissions by 40 to 45 % by 2020, and if their economy develops by a mere 8%, its gas output is still in danger of doubling. "With eight percent growth, emissions will increase by 74...

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